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Long-tail SARS-COV2 post-epidemic period

I have written my blog for 15 years. In May 2009, I raised the issue of the novel influenza (A/H1N1) virus and cited two problems. The first was that the media continued to incite fear. The second was the movement to exclude people who tested positive via antigen testing from society. I worried about totalitarianism and mutual surveillance similar to a scene from the movie “1984” or the dystopian science fiction film “Brazil” in 1985.

In this column, I mentioned that the current situation closely resembled that during the flu of 2009. Afterward, the novel flu virus was neither attenuated nor eliminated. However, the media stopped discussing the flu, which dissipated the interest and fear of the people.

Forward to 2020, although the damage inflicted by SARS-COV2 was minimal in Japan, the country suffered from substantial economic damage due to self-restraint. Even in the aftermath, the media continued to cause fear and anxiety.

Currently, a small number of antigen-positive people are sporadically found in various prefectures in Japan. However, the number of serious cases has not increased. Japan appears to be considered to have entered the long-tail post-epidemic period. This condition may be the final situation of SARS-COV2 in any country in the world. At this point, assuming that the epidemic has been terminated would be incorrect.

Although eliminating viruses is impossible and unnecessary, preparing for small trends during winter is important. Only with the emergence of vaccines and therapeutic medicines can we then experience peace of mind. The global dialogue and unity is required to get through this together.

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