English Abstract

Lets Remove Our Masks and Regain Our Autonomy

Although people throughout the world no longer wear masks, most Japanese people have found this difficult. I am of the opinion that wearing masks to avoid infecting others with COVID-19 is mere pretense and an avoidance of ones own responsibility.

The government and specialists are of the view that masks are not needed when outdoors. However, I believe Japanese people should not wear masks at all. Wearing masks all the time increases health risks because they interfere with breathing and body temperature regulation. Accordingly, people should be free to remove them when necessary. New COVID-19 infections no longer pose a global threat. There have been numerous reports of numerous infections despite multiple rounds of mRNA-type vaccinations. I am of the opinion that this is due to the interrelationship between our immunity and the virus. Many medical practitioners have noted the inadequacies of the mRNA-type vaccine prophylaxis and data on adverse reactions, which the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) published.

As noted previously, people continue to wear masks despite the dangers thereof. Several students have developed heat stroke from wearing masks at school. Furthermore, masks thwart students from learning to communicate with each other with facial expressions.

People may continue to wear masks because those specialists who stirred up fear and anxiety about COVID-19 and implemented restrictions now appear to be absent.

In addition, I believe that Japanese people tend to avoid thinking for themselves and accepting responsibility for their actions. Furthermore, unless told to do something, they usually do not take the initiative. Moreover, they tend to continue behaving the same way indefinitely without thinking.

Japanese society is also under strict surveillance. For example, the Mask Crackdown Police abuse their authority to insist people wear masks when they attempt to remove them.

I am of the view that wearing a mask is responsibility-avoiding behavior that prevents people from thinking for themselves.

I recommend that we should not rely on specialists and follow them blindly. Rather, we should think and act independently. In order to restore Japans prosperity and our own wealth, it is imperative that we remove nonsense from our lives.

Removing our masks is the first step in regaining our initiative and living a meaningful life. We have had enough of many things. Now is the time to discard our masks and enjoy our freedom.